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Mining communities or clusters in networks is valuable in analyzing, designing, and optimizing many natural and engineering complex systems, e.g., protein networks, power grid, and transportation systems. Most of the existing techniques view the community mining problem as an optimization problem based on a given quality function(e.g., modularity), however(More)
This paper describes a floating buck dimmable LED driver for solid-state lighting applications. Adaptive timing difference compensation is proposed to enable the driver to achieve high accuracy of the average LED current, fast settling time, and high-frequency operation over a wide range of input voltages and number of LED loads. The power efficiency of the(More)
A high-voltage high-speed gate driver to enable synchronous rectifiers with zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) operation is presented in this paper. A capacitive-coupled level-shifter (CCLS) is developed to achieve negligible propagation delay and static current consumption. With only 1 off-chip capacitor, the proposed gate driver possesses strong driving(More)
A wide-input-range (5-115V) DC-DC based synchronous LED driver is presented in this paper. The proposed LED driver can automatically operate in the soft-switching mode to minimize the converter's switching loss in the HV condition. An adaptive resonate timing control (ARTC) is developed to generate optimal dead-time for establishing zero-voltage switching(More)
A new recognizing obstacle method based on the visual information with the different voice was proposed in this paper, which overcame the flaw of the former ETA system to be unable to distinguish the outside obstacle concrete information. This method extraction goal object's color and the shape characteristic, with the established database retrieval math,(More)
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