Zhidong Lin

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A carbon nanotube/La-doped TiO₂ (La-TiO₂) nanocomposite (CLTN) was prepared by a procedure similar to a complex/adsorption process. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images show that the La-TiO₂ distributes on the carbon nanotube walls. The CLTN was mixed with paraffin to form a CLTN paste for the CLTN paste electrode (CLTNPE). The electrochemical(More)
A steady nano organic-inorganic perovskite hybrid with [H(2)3-AMP](3/2)Fe(CN)(6) (3-AMP = 3-methylaminopyridine) was prepared in the air. The structure is an unusual layered organic-inorganic type. The resulting hybrid enveloped in paraffin to prepare [H(2)3-AMP](3/2)Fe(CN)(6) paste electrode (HPE) shows good electrochemical activity and a couple of(More)
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