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MOTIVATION Although controlled biochemical or biological vocabularies, such as Gene Ontology (GO) (http://www.geneontology.org), address the need for consistent descriptions of genes in different data sources, there is still no effective method to determine the functional similarities of genes based on gene annotation information from heterogeneous data(More)
Peach is being developed as a model organism for Rosaceae, an economically important family that includes fruits and ornamental plants such as apple, pear, strawberry, cherry, almond and rose. The genomics and genetics data of peach can play a significant role in the gene discovery and the genetic understanding of related species. The effective utilization(More)
Understanding the dynamic behavior of a workflow is crucial for being able to modify, maintain, and improve it. A particularly difficult aspect of some behavior is concurrency. Automated techniques which seek to mine workflow data logs to discover information about the workflows must be able to handle the concurrency that manifests itself in the workflow(More)
We have developed a set of online tools for measuring the semantic similarities of Gene Ontology (GO) terms and the functional similarities of gene products, and for further discovering biomedical knowledge from the GO database. The tools have been used for about 6.9 million times by 417 institutions from 43 countries since October 2006. The online tools(More)
We propose a wireless network cache model to facilitate the cooperative proxy caching in wireless base stations. A self-configured and adaptive virtual proxy graph (VPG) is used to achieve efficient data search, data cache and data replication. Based on demand, the aggregate effect of data caching, searching and replicating actions by individual proxies(More)
This paper proposes a mobile cache model to facilitate the cooperative proxy caching in wireless base stations. This mobile cache model uses a network cache line to record the caching state information about a web document for effective data search and cache space management. Based on the proposed mobile cache model, a P2P cooperative proxy caching scheme(More)
Aiming at the problem of lower forecast accuracy of traditional RBF neural network model, we suggest a new modeling method. First, pretreatment data are sampled using SPSS software. Principal component analysis (PCA) was applied to original data correlation analysis to remove the correlations between attributes and find the main influencing indicator to(More)
In this paper, a novel P2P mobile caching scheme for caching Web documents in mobile base stations is proposed. In this scheme, a mobile cache model is used to facilitate the data cache and data replication. A self-configured and self-managed proxy overlay network is employed to fulfill the P2P data search and proxy server cooperation. Using the proposed(More)