Zhida Shen

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Contrast medium-induced nephropathy (CIN) remains a major cause of iatrogenic, drug-induced renal injury. Recent studies reveal that Breviscapine can ameliorate diabetic nephropathy in mice. Yet it remains unknown if Breviscapine could reduce CIN in diabetic mice. In this study, male C57/BL6J mice were randomly divided into 7 groups: control, diabetes(More)
Angiotesin II (Ang II) plays an important role in cardiac remodeling. Fibroblast growth factor inducible-14 (Fn14) is the smallest member of the tumor necrosis factor superfamily of receptors. Currently, little is known about the functional role of Fn14 in the heart. Chiefly, we observe the up-regulation of extracellular matrix in in vivo model. We(More)
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