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A systematic analysis is presented of the ESR spectra from DNA oligomers of a range of sizes, including a polymer, spin-labeled with nitroxide moieties attached by different tethers. The complexity of the DNA dynamics is dealt with by the use of the general slowly relaxing local structure (SRLS) model, wherein the nitroxide moiety is reorienting in a(More)
The M2 protein from influenza A plays important roles in its viral cycle. It contains a single transmembrane helix, which oligomerizes into a homotetrameric proton channel that conducts in the low-pH environment of the host-cell endosome and Golgi apparatus, leading to virion uncoating at an early stage of infection. We studied conformational rearrangements(More)
Deuterium line shape analysis from mobile C-D and C-CD3 groups has emerged as a particularly useful tool for studying dynamics in the solid state. The theoretical models devised so far consist typically of sets of independent dynamic modes. Each such mode is simple and usually case-specific. In this scenario, model improvement entails adding yet another(More)
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