Zhicheng Zhou

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Switched mode power supplies have become ubiquitous in electronic modules and systems. From converting power types, power levels, or driving actuators, these power converters embody varying topologies but usually have high switching rates of up to 500 kHz, power devices such as MOSFETs, microelectronic components and a mix of passive components that store(More)
Partial discharge (PD) events happen inside the power cables and cable terminations with the insulation degradation. The PD detection can effectively supply the information of cable status. According to the electrical and electromagnetic emission of PD activities, high-frequency transformer (HFCT) and ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) methods are employed to detect(More)
This paper presents a Ka band multi-beam phased array for communication satellite. Antenna element is carried out as a double circular polarization horn. Phased array working at 23 GHz of transmitting frequency and 26 GHz of receiving frequency is constructed with triangle grid arrangement. The transmitting part has 320 channels, while the receiving part(More)
According to the characteristics of assembly line balancing problem, a modified honey bees mating optimization (MHBMO) algorithm was proposed to solve this problem. In this algorithm, the precedence matrix of tasks is proposed to apply the coding method based on the sequence of tasks. The initial feasible population was generated by a binary tree method,(More)
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