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Circular RNAs (circRNAs), a large class of RNAs, have recently shown huge capabilities as gene regulators in mammals. Some of them bind with microRNAs (miRNAs) and act as natural miRNA sponges to inhibit related miRNAs' activities. Here we showed that hsa_circ_001569 acted as a positive regulator in cell proliferation and invasion of colorectal cancer(More)
Magnetic flux ropes are highly twisted, current-carrying magnetic fields. They are crucial for the instability of plasma involved in solar eruptions, which may lead to adverse space weather effects. Here we present observations of a flaring using the highest resolution chromospheric images from the 1.6-m New Solar Telescope at Big Bear Solar Observatory,(More)
In recent years, Wi-Fi has seen extraordinary growth; however, due to the cost, performance and security issues, many Wi-Fi hotspot owners would like to restrict the network access only to individuals inside the physical property. Unfortunately, due to the nature of wireless, this is difficult to accomplish, especially with the off-the-shelf omni-antenna(More)
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