Zhicheng Wu

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Two kinds of nanoscale TiO2 films were prepared by magnetron sputtering and screen printing methods, respectively. Results show that both phase composition and specific surface area of the film affect the photocatalytic bactericidal efficiency. Time-series in situ atomic force microscopy (AFM) observation were further used to characterize the cellular(More)
Cassava is a major tropical food crop in the Euphorbiaceae family that has high carbohydrate production potential and adaptability to diverse environments. Here we present the draft genome sequences of a wild ancestor and a domesticated variety of cassava and comparative analyses with a partial inbred line. We identify 1,584 and 1,678 gene models specific(More)
Treatment of wastewater containing low-concentration yet highly-expensive rare earth elements (REEs) is one of the vital issues in the REEs separation and refining industry. In this work, the interaction and related mechanism between self-supported flowerlike nano-Mg(OH)2 and low-concentration REEs wastewater were investigated. More than 99% REEs were(More)
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