Zhicheng Su

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This paper presents an integrated rule-based data mining system that is capable of creating rulebased classifiers with web-based user interface from data sets provided by end users. It provides a streamlined integration of three technologies, namely, database systems, machine learning systems , and rule-based systems. Rules generated by the system are based(More)
In high-efficiency GaInP/GaAs double-junction tandem solar cells, GaInP layers play a central role in determining the performance of the solar cells. Therefore, gaining a deeper understanding of the optoelectronic processes in GaInP layers is crucial for improving the energy conversion efficiency of GaInP-based photovoltaic devices. In this work, we firmly(More)
The copper induced green luminescence (GL) with two sets of fine structures in ZnO crystal has been found for several decades (i.e., R. Dingle, Phys. Rev. Lett. 23, 579 (1969)), but the physical origin of the doublet still remains as an open question up to now. In this paper, we provide new insight into the mechanism of the structured GL band in terms of(More)
Two-dimensional InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-wells (MQW) LED structure was nanotextured into quasi-one-dimensional nanowires (NWs) with different average diameters with a combination approach of Ni nanoislands as mask + dry etching. Such nanotexturing bring out several appealing effects including deeper localization of carriers and significant improvement in(More)
For excited carriers or electron-hole coupling pairs (excitons) in disordered crystals, they may localize and broadly distribute within energy space first, and then experience radiative recombination and thermal transfer (i.e., non-radiative recombination via multi-phonon process) processes till they eventually return to their ground states. It has been(More)
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