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Dysregulation of miRNAs has been proved to play a key role in carcinogenesis or tumor progression. In hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a number of miRNAs was reported to be related to the occurrence and development of HCC. Especially, miRNA-122, a liver-specific miRNA, has been elaborated its role in HCC. However, these studies was not involved in the effect(More)
Welding robot has played an extremely important role in the welding production of high-quality, high-efficiency. The paper designed the hardware structure and software of spot welding robot. The hardware design mainly includes the major modules of arm and base; the hardware design includes two parts: manual mode and automatic mode. Manual mode is generally(More)
A cleaning robot based on the ultrasonic principle is designed. With the single chip microcomputer AT89C52 and ultrasonic sensors, the robot can achieve the function of intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatic control and automatic sweeping. In the cleaning robot, a rotating cylindrical brush is used in front of the robot and it sweeps garbages into the(More)
By using FEM software, two different types of hydraulic automatic tile press are analyzed, Get the deformations of the posts produced by tensile, and then calculate the energy consumption due to the deformation, through analyzing and comparing, to provide a reference on the design and selection for hydraulic automatic tile press.
By using ANSYS to carry out finite element analysis, combining the results of the analysis and the theory of fracture mechanics, and making use of damnification limits design method based on the theory of fracture mechanics, the thesis gave a certain type of casting crane girder for example to analyze its fatigue life. It provided some theory basis and(More)
The finite element static analysis on main load bearing members of a certain type of high-pressure grouting machine used for daily ceramics is discussed in this paper for researching its stress and transfiguration. The result can provide reference for design, and the discussion has some generality and practical value engineering.
Considering the influence of material original flaw, combining with Finite element analysis results and linear elastic fracture mechanics methods, the thesis gave a certain type of casting crane girder for example to analyze its fatigue life including the designing, remaining and service life based on fracture mechanics and the design principle of(More)
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