Zhicheng Huang

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It is well known that well-defined polyacrylonitrile (PAN) with high molecular weight (M w > 106 g¨moí1) is an excellent precursor for high performance carbon fiber. In this work, a strategy for initiators for a continuous activator regeneration atom transfer radical polymerization (ICAR ATRP) system for acrylonitrile (AN) was firstly established by using(More)
Compared to unhealthy UV or γ-ray and high-energy-consumption thermal external stimuli, the promising light emitting diode (LED) external stimulus has some outstanding technological merits such as narrow wavelength distribution, low heat generation and energy consumption, and safety for human beings. In this work, a novel reversible addition-fragmentation(More)
Salvia miltiorrhiza, a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, contains two groups of bioactive components: lipid-soluble tanshinones and water-soluble phenolic acids. Many researchers have recently focused on elicitation of secondary metabolites to improve their production. In this paper, folic acid was used as an elicitor to stimulate phenolics production in(More)
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