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The quad-rotor is expected to carry out many different tasks. It is hoped that the quad-rotor can have different characteristics according to the different mission requirements. For this reason, a flight stability augmentation control system based on explicit model following with inverse model feedforward control method is proposed in this paper. This(More)
This paper addresses the problem of controlling a leader-follower formation of quadrotors (UAVs), which can be considered as a System of Systems. A distributed control scheme for the motion of the formation is proposed, ensuring consensus of the UAVs and collision avoidance. Each UAV has local and limited neighbors and uses weighted relative positions and(More)
A swing-up controller based on human simulated intelligence control theory is designed for three-link acrobot. According to the analysis of athletes' motion, swing-up process is divided by six sequence phases. We describe the six sequence phase by sensory-motor intelligence schema and design Bang-Bang and PD controller for every phase. With the controller,(More)
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