Zhichao Yang

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Feistel structure is among the most popular choices for designing ciphers. Recently, 3-round/5-round integral distinguishers for Feistel structures with non-bijective/bijective round functions are presented. At EUROCRYPT 2015, Todo proposed the Division Property to effectively construct integral distinguishers for both Feistel and SPN structures. In this(More)
Enclosure partitioning approaches, such as Treemaps, have proved their effectiveness in visualizing large hierarchical structures within a compact and limited display area. Most of the Treemaps techniques do not use node-links to show the structural relations. This paper presents a new tree visualization approach known as Drawer-Tree that can be used to(More)
e-Science is one of the research hotspots in recent years, which focuses on how to apply IT on other disciplines. How to collect and transmit field data is an immediate problem should be solved in e-Science for those disciplines involving field observation. This paper brings out a system for field data collection and transmission in an automatic and high(More)
For the actual demand for carbon cycle research in China, from 2012 to 2013, we started the research and development on IPv6-based Chinese terrestrial ecosystem flux research network. We set up IPv6 and sensor network based real-time carbon flux observation system in ten field stations. We complete data acquisition, data transmission, data storage and(More)
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