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A 1.2-V 8.3-nJ CMOS Humidity Sensor for RFID Applications
This paper presents a fully integrated CMOS humidity sensor for a smart RFID sensor platform. Expand
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An Energy-Efficient 15-Bit Capacitive-Sensor Interface Based on Period Modulation
This paper presents an energy-efficient capacitive-sensor interface with a period-modulated output signal. Expand
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An ignition and combustion model based on the level-set method for spark ignition engine multidimensional modeling
Abstract To improve the prediction accuracy of the spark ignition and combustion processes in spark ignition engines, improved ignition and flame propagation models have been developed andExpand
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A 1.2V 8.3nJ energy-efficient CMOS humidity sensor for RFID applications
A CMOS fully-integrated humidity sensor for a RFID sensor platform has been realized in 0.16μm CMOS technology. Expand
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Modeling ignition and combustion in spark-ignition engines using a level set method
An improved discrete particle ignition kernel (DPIK) model and the G-equation combustion model have been developed and implemented in KIVA-3V. In the ignition model, the spark ignition kernel growthExpand
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A 1V 14b self-timed zero-crossing-based incremental ΔΣ ADC
This paper introduces a clock-free self-timed incremental ΔΣ ADC, which can adapt to a wide range of conversion rates in an energy-efficient way. Expand
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Upgrading bio‐oil model compounds phenol and furfural with in situ generated hydrogen
Bio-oil produced from prolysis process of biomass cannot be directly used for transportation fuels, because of the poor quality. Catalytic hydrogenation is then used to upgrade bio-oil toExpand
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Modeling Premixed and Direct Injection SI Engine Combustion Using the G-Equation Model
A level set G-equation model has been developed to model the combustion process in spark ignition engines. The spark ignition process was modeled using an improved version of the Discrete ParticleExpand
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A 1.8V 11μW CMOS smart humidity sensor for RFID sensing applications
A fully-integrated humidity sensor for a smart RFID sensor platform has been realized in 0.16μm standard CMOS technology. Expand
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Energy-Efficient Capacitive Sensor Interfaces
This thesis describes the theory, design and realization of energy-efficient capacitive-sensor interfaces that are dedicated to energy-constrained applications. The goal of this work is to exploreExpand
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