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Dynamic Computational Time for Visual Attention
We propose a dynamic computational time model to accelerate the average processing time for recurrent visual attention (RAM). Rather than attention with a fixed number of steps for each input image,Expand
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BigDL: A Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Big Data
In this paper, we present BigDL, a distributed deep learning framework for Big Data platforms and workflows. It is implemented on top of Apache Spark, and allows users to write their deep learningExpand
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Blade -- A Timing Violation Resilient Asynchronous Template
Resilient designs offer the promise to remove increasingly large margins due to process, voltage, and temperature variations and take advantage of average-case data. However, proposed synchronousExpand
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On the Importance of Evaluating Storage Systems' $Costs
Modern storage systems are becoming more complex, combining different storage technologies with different behaviors. Performance alone is not enough to characterize storage systems: energyExpand
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This is the first year IR group of Tsinghua University (THUIR) participates in NTCIR. We register the INTENT task and focus on the Chinese topics of subtopic mining and document ranking subtask. InExpand
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Locally Informed Global Search for Sums of Combinatorial Games
There are two complementary approaches to playing sums of combinatorial games. They can be characterized as local analysis and global search. Algorithms from combinatorial game theory such asExpand
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Temporal Modeling Approaches for Large-scale Youtube-8M Video Understanding
This paper describes our solution for the video recognition task of the Google Cloud and YouTube-8M Video Understanding Challenge that ranked the 3rd place. Because the challenge providesExpand
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Automatic Extraction for Product Feature Words from Comments on the Web
Before deciding to buy a product, many people tend to consult others' opinions on it. Web provides a perfect platform which one can get information to find out the advantages and disadvantages of theExpand
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How to Effectively Improve Pesticide Waste Governance: A Perspective of Reverse Logistics
With the development of modern science and technology, agricultural production and quality have made major breakthroughs, followed by more and more pesticide waste. Pesticide waste refers to theExpand
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GreenDM: A Versatile Tiering Hybrid Drive for the Trade-Off Evaluation of Performance, Energy, and Endurance
of the Dissertation GreenDM: A Versatile Tiering Hybrid Drive for the Trade-Off Evaluation of Performance, Energy, and Endurance by Zhichao Li for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in ComputerExpand
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