Zhichao Ding

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Werner syndrome (WS) is a premature aging disorder caused by WRN protein deficiency. Here, we report on the generation of a human WS model in human embryonic stem cells (ESCs). Differentiation of WRN-null ESCs to mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) recapitulates features of premature cellular aging, a global loss of H3K9me3, and changes in heterochromatin(More)
A global aging population, normally accompanied by a high incidence of aging-associated diseases, has prompted a renewed interest in basic research on human aging. Although encouraging progress has been achieved using animal models, the underlying fundamental mechanisms of aging remain largely unknown. Here, we review the human induced pluripotent stem cell(More)
Plasmids and antibodies Episomal plasmids including pCXLE-hOCT3/4-shp53-F (27077), pCXLE-hUL (27080) and pCXLE-hSK (27078) were all purchased from Addgene (Okita et al., 2011). Antibodies used were purchased from different companies indicated as below: anti-OCT-3/4 (sc-5279) and antiSOX2 (sc-17320) were from Santa Cruz Biotechnology; antiNANOG (ab21624) and(More)
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