Zhicai Shi

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—RFID is a key technology that can be used to create the pervasive society. The tag is an important part of the RFID system and most popular tags are some low-cost passive tags. These tags have limited computing and storing resources, and no more attentions are paid to their security and privacy. So the application of these tags is not secure. Lightweight(More)
—The data processed by intrusion detection systems usually is vague, uncertainty, imprecise and incomplete. Rough Set theory is one of the best methods to process this kind of data. But Rough Set theory can only process some discrete data. So the data with continuous numerical attributes must be discretized before they are used. Some current discretization(More)
PURPOSE To assess and characterize the sacrum angular displacements in response to lumbar lordosis after lumbar/lumbosacral fusion. METHODS A finite element model of the lower lumbar spine-pelvis was established and used to simulate the posterior fusion at L3-L5 and L4-S1. The lordosis angle in the fusion segments was set to five different conditions with(More)
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