Zhibo Sun

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—In the field of big data research, analytics on spatio-temporal data from social media is one of the fastest growing areas and poses a major challenge on research and application. An efficient and flexible computing and storage platform is needed for users to analyze spatio-temporal patterns in huge amount of social media data. This paper introduces a(More)
This paper describes a small range six-axis accelerometer (the measurement range of the sensor is ±g) with high sensitivity DCB (Double Cantilever Beam) elastic element. This sensor is developed based on a parallel mechanism because of the reliability. The accuracy of sensors is affected by its sensitivity characteristics. To improve the sensitivity, a DCB(More)
—Recent research has demonstrated that social media could provide valuable spatio-temporal data about users activities. However, information extraction and computation from big amount of data pose various challenges. To effectively process massive datasets, several platforms have been developed. Our previous study [20] explored Hadoop-based cloud computing(More)
We investigate the effectiveness of an (s, S, p) policy relative to an (s, S, A, p) policy in a single product, periodic review, finite horizon model with stochastic multiplica-tive demand and fixed ordering cost, in which an (s, S, A, p) policy is optimal. An extensive numerical study shows that empirically an (s, S, p) policy is highly effective relative(More)
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