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A rapidly formed supramolecular polypeptide-DNA hydrogel was prepared and used for in situ multilayer three-dimensional bioprinting for the first time. By alternative deposition of two complementary bio-inks, designed structures can be printed. Based on their healing properties and high mechanical strengths, the printed structures are geometrically uniform(More)
An assessment of exposure to mercury in Changchun city has been undertaken. We estimated Hg exposure to members of the general population based on currently available information and our research. We also studied the Hg concentrations in scalp hair of adults. Adults have an estimated intake of all Hg species via all routes of 6.780 microg day(-1) (excluding(More)
BACKGROUND Deep sea growth sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus) (DSG-SC) is considered a most nutritious and luxurious seafood in Asia. This study compared the proximate composition and nutritional quality of collagen, polysaccharides, amino acids (AAs) and fatty acids (FAs) in DSG-SCs from different origins. RESULTS The contents of protein, ash,(More)
By combining three mutually immiscible polymeric components in a mixed-arm star block terpolymer architecture, we have observed the formation of a previously unknown class of multicompartment micelles in dilute aqueous solution. Connection of water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) and two hydrophobic but immiscible components (a polymeric hydrocarbon and a(More)
Water-in-oil-in-water emulsions are examples of double emulsions, in which dispersions of small water droplets within larger oil droplets are themselves dispersed in a continuous aqueous phase. Emulsions occur in many forms of processing and are used extensively by the foods, cosmetics and coatings industries. Because of their compartmentalized internal(More)
The synthesis and characterization of new thermoresponsive pegylated poly-L-glutamate (poly-L-EG(x)Glu) are described. The obtained polypeptides display low critical solution temperature (LCST) behaviors in water, and the LCST can be tuned via copolymerization of different amino acid monomers at varied molar ratio. This is the first example of(More)
The simultaneous, segregated storage of two different chromophores in a multicompartment micelle, which is formed from self-assembly of (polyethylethylene)(polyethylene oxide)(polyperfluoropropylene oxide) mikto-arm star terpolymers in water, was investigated by spectrophotometry. The multicompartment micelles, with segregated micellar cores composed of(More)
The designed DNA sequences can make DNA-b-PPO undergo in situ transition between diblock and triblock upon pH changes, consequently, induce a morphology-shifting from spherical micelles to nanofibers. This process is reversible and the assembled structures have been characterized by CD, TEM and fluorescent experiments.
Natural nacre with superior mechanical property is generally attributed to the layered "brick-and-mortar" nanostructure. However, the role of nanograins on the hard aragonite platelets, which is so-called nanoasperity, is rarely addressed. Herein, we prepared silica platelets with aragonite-like nanoasperities via biomineralization strategy and investigated(More)
Soils in the Fuyang valley (Zhejiang province, southeast China) have been contaminated by heavy metals. Since rice (Oryza sativa L.) is the dominant crop in the valley and because of its tendency to accumulate Cd in its grains, assessment of the human health risk resulting from consumption of locally produced rice is needed. In this study, we used a(More)