Zhibing Chen

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LetG be a connected graphwith vertex set V , minimumdegree δ and edge-connectivityλ. If α is a real number, then the zeroth-order general Randić index is defined by  x∈V deg (x), where deg(x) denotes the degree of the vertex x. A graph is maximally edge-connected if λ = δ. In this paper, we present sufficient conditions for connected graphs (resp.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the curative effect of dynamic hip screw (DHS) combined with anti-rotation screw and cannulated screw in treating patients with Pauwels type II or III femoral neck fracture and to provide the basis for the choice of surgical procedure. METHODS Between March 2008 and September 2009, 51 patients with fresh Pauwels type II or III femoral(More)
Periodontitis is a multifactorial disease associated with several risk and susceptibility factors (66). Risk factors are part of the causal chain, or expose the host to the causal chain. The presence of a risk factor directly increases the probability of a disease occurring, and the absence of a risk factor reduces this possibility. Risk factors are(More)
lim n→∞ T  C s1,s2,...,sk,⌊ n d1 ⌋+e1,⌊ n d2 ⌋+e2,...,⌊ n dl ⌋+el n  1 n , as a function of si, dj and ek, where T (G) is the number of spanning trees in graph G. In this paper we derive simple and explicit formulas for the number of spanning trees in circulant graphs C12l pn . Following from the formulas we show that lim n→∞ T  C1,a1n,a2n,...,aln pn  1(More)
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