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The increasing requirements on cloud computing entail building up large numbers of large-scale data centers which require a surprising amount of energy. With the gradual depletion and price escalation of traditional energy, operating data center in an energy efficient way is an emerging urgent problem. However, most existing researches of resource(More)
Digital predistortion, which is used to compensate for the nonlinearity introduced by power amplifiers, plays an important role in the linearization techniques. Saturation distortions caused by high peak-to-average ratio of input signal, however, cannot be compensated through digital predistortion. As a result, power amplifiers have to operate with back-off(More)
A main drawback of OFDM systems is the high peak-to-average Power Ratio (PAPR) which can result in significant distortion when transmitted through power amplifiers. The conventional peak cancellation method (cPCM) is widely used in PAPR reduction, but for OFDM signals, the cPCM is of high complexity. In this paper, a simplified peak cancellation method(More)
In the paper, the RS encoding algorithm widely used in communication system is described briefly. Taking RS encoder in DVB system for example, we introduce the structure of RS encoder. And an improved algorithm on Galois Field multiplier is proposed which saves the numbers of the XOR gates. Finally, its feasibility and validity have been verified through(More)
An improved adaptive algorithm combined with Least Mean Square (LMS) and Recursive Least Squares (RLS) algorithm is presented in this paper. Simulation results show that in comparison to the traditional algorithm, this joint method can not only achieve a satisfied linearization performance, but reduce the calculation amount and enhance convergence stability.
Digital predistortion is a predominant technique for the linearization of power amplifier. Memory polynomial is often used to describe the PA model with memory effect. In this paper, based on memory polynomial, a new PA modeling approach which combines look-up table with characteristic time-delay is proposed. Simulation results show that the DPD based on(More)
  • Xiuyan Feng, Lu Si, Zhibin Zeng
  • 2012
As CMMB network is single-frequency network (SFN), the feedback cancellation of digital on-channel repeater becomes an outstanding problems about network coverage. But the traditional digital on-channel repeater has more inter-symbol interference (ISI), so this paper puts forward an equalized digital on-channel repeater (DOCR), which can effectively correct(More)
As for model-based approaches, the polynomial model is a favorite choice due to its simplicity and ease of implementation. In this paper, an odd-order series of magnitude and phase angle form are derived from polynomial model of HPA nonlinearity. In-band distortion can be eliminated by alleviating odd-order terms of the series. Different from conventional(More)