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A human health risk assessment of rare earth elements in soil and vegetables from a mining area in Fujian Province, Southeast China.
Contaminated food through dietary intake has become the main potential risk impacts on human health. This study investigated concentrations of rare earth elements (REEs) in soil, vegetables, humanExpand
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Distribution and fractionation of rare earth elements in soil–water system and human blood and hair from a mining area in southwest Fujian Province, China
Accumulations of rare earth elements (REEs) in human body through multiple pathways including food ingestion, air inhalation and dermal absorption have received considerable attention due to theirExpand
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Stoichiometric mechanisms of Dicranopteris dichotoma growth and resistance to nutrient limitation in the Zhuxi watershed in the red soil hilly region of China
AimsLittle is known about why Dicranopteris dichotoma can succeed in a nutrient-limited environment. This study investigated the stoichiometric mechanisms of D. dichotoma growth and resistance toExpand
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Soil fertility self-development under ecological restoration in the Zhuxi watershed in the red soil hilly region of China
Current methods that utilize simple data or models to judge whether soil fertility can self-develop are not sufficiently rigorous. A new framework has been set up using catastrophe theory, laboratoryExpand
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Integrin alpha 7 correlates with poor clinical outcomes, and it regulates cell proliferation, apoptosis and stemness via PTK2-PI3K-Akt signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma.
This study aimed to evaluate the correlation of integrin alpha 7 (ITGA7) with clinical outcomes and its effect on cell activities as well as stemness in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). HCC tumorExpand
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Large enhancement of the electrocaloric effect in PLZT ceramics prepared by hot-pressing
In this contribution, we demonstrate the optimization of the microstructures of the Pb0.85La0.1(Zr0.65Ti0.35)O3 (PLZT) relaxor ferroelectric ceramics and subsequent enhancements in their polarizationExpand
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microRNA-1471 suppresses glioma cell growth and invasion by repressing metadherin expression.
microRNA-1471 (miR-1471) is a newly identified miRNA that is downregulated in breast cancer. However, its biological roles in human tumors are largely unknown. This study aimed to investigate theExpand
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Rare earth element migration in gullies with different Dicranopteris dichotoma covers in the Huangnikeng gully group, Changting County, Southeast China.
Little is known about rare earth element (REE) migration in gullies in Southeast China. We examine the concentration and distribution of REE, soil variables, and correlations among REE and soilExpand
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Calculation of Toxicity Coefficient of Potential Ecological Risk Assessment of Rare Earth Elements
Rare earth elements (REEs) are applied in various industries. They have entered the environment through different pathways and caused serious pollutions. So far, due to the lack of calculatedExpand
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Spatial Distribution of Soil Nutrients and Their Response to Land Use in Eroded Area of South China
Abstract Spatial distribution features of soil nutrient contents and their response to land use were studied in the area of Zhuxi small watershed, where is a typical representative of red soil erodedExpand
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