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Beamforming remains to be an important technique for signal enhancement. For applications in open space, the transfer function describing waves propagation has an explicit expression, which can be employed for beamformer design. However, the function becomes very complex in an indoor environment due to the effects of reverberation. In this paper, this(More)
The generalized sidelobe canceller (GSC) beamformer is an effective and efficient technique for speech enhancement, whereas the design of beamformer is still a challenge in a reverberant environment, due to the difficulty of room impulse responses (RIRs) estimation. In this paper, we will study the design of GSC beamformer based on the RIRs estimated by(More)
Three mixed-ligand coordination polymers, [Cu(oda)(2,2'-bipy)](2) (1), Ni(2)(oda)(2)(4,4'-bipy)·DMF (2), and [{Ni(oda)(H(2)O)(2)}(2)(μ-4,4'-bipy)]·2H(2)O (3) were synthesized and characterized. Complex 1 features a 1D chain via intermolecular π-π interactions. Complex 2 is a novel 3D microporous coordination polymer with 1D polarized channels. Complex 3(More)
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