ZhiQiang Tang

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Polyploidization is a basic feature of plant evolution. Nearly all of the main food, cotton and oil crops are polyploid. When ploidy levels increase, yields double; this phenomenon suggested a new strategy of rice breeding that utilizes wide crosses and polyploidization dual advantages to breed super rice. Because low seed set rates in polyploid rice(More)
A series of experiments were performed to simulate the environmental behavior and fate of graphene oxide nanoparticles (GONPs) involved in the surface environment relating to divalent cations, natural organic matter (NOM), and hydraulics. The electrokinetic properties and hydrodynamic diameters of GONPs was systematically determined to characterize GONPs(More)
The aggregation kinetics of TiO2-graphene nanocomposites in aqueous solution affected by solution pH, salt types (NaCl, CaCl2) and concentrations of electrolytes, and stability induced by UV irradiation was investigated in this study. The zeta potentials and hydrodynamic diameter of the nanoparticles were used as bases to assess the aggregation behavior,(More)
Asynchronous Transfer of Control (ATC) is a crucial mechanism for real-time applications, and is currently provided in the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ). This paper proposes a framework to implement ATC in the RTSJ-compliant Java processor based on the instruction optimization method proposed in our previous work [1]. Because most of the(More)
We report a systematic study on the correlation of the electrical transport properties with the crystal phase and orientation of single-crystal InAs nanowires (NWs) grown by molecular-beam epitaxy. A new method is developed to allow the same InAs NW to be used for both the electrical measurements and transmission electron microscopy characterization. We(More)
Negative photoconductivity (NPC) and positive photoconductivity (PPC) are observed in the same individual InAs nanowires grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. NPC displays under weak light illumination due to photoexcitation scattering centers charged with hot carrier in the native oxide layer. PPC is observed under high light intensity. Through(More)
The whole-journey nanomaterial research from material synthesis, composition and structure characterizations, property measurements to device construction and tests in one equipment chamber provides a quick and unambiguous way of establishing the relationships between synthesis conditions, composition and structures, physical properties and nanodevice(More)
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