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Current trust structures suffer from a scaling problem, and some may have security problems. Even given the topological simplification of bridge certification authorities, as cross certificate meshes grow in size and complexity, the number of possible routes between domains increases very quickly, and the time required for path building can increase beyond(More)
—In this paper, we propose a simple and efficient reversible information-hiding scheme for VQ index tables. One secret bit can be embedded into one index pair if this pair passes the predefined restriction. Even if the index pair does not pass the test, it can still carry one secret bit if an additional indicator (a preserved index value) is attached. The(More)
Many services of 4G mobile communication are important applications of pervasive computing. Adaptive Beamforming and V-blast are both advanced technologies of 4G mobile communication. In the paper, a new communication scheme with adaptive beamforming is proposed for the uplink of cellular system with vertical bell laboratories layered space-time (V-BLAST)(More)
A scheme is proposed for adaptive antenna pattern switch in WiMAX (world interoperability for microwave access) system. In the scheme, the decision for switching is made according to the minimum acceptable signal-to-noise ratio. It enables the WiMAX system to switch adoptively between the multi-antenna pattern and the single antenna pattern. And then a(More)
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