Zhi-yong Yan

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Classification can be regarded as dividing the data space into decision regions separated by decision boundaries. In this paper we analyze decision tree algorithms and the NBTree algorithm from this perspective. Thus, a decision tree can be regarded as a classifier tree, in which each classifier on a non-root node is trained in decision regions of the(More)
In order to improve the water-resistant ability of silk fibroin (SF) and SF/P(LLA-CL) blended nanofibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering applications, 75% (v/v) ethanol vapor was used to post-treat electrospun nanofibers. SEM indicated that the treated SF and SF/P(LLA-CL) nanofibrous scaffolds maintained a nanofibrous structure and possessed good(More)
Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus (TVBMV) is a potyvirus which mainly infects solanaceous crops. The helper component proteinase (HCpro) of a potyvirus is an RNA silencing suppressor protein and determines the severity of disease symptoms caused by different potyviruses, including TVBMV. It has been shown that substitution mutations introduced into the(More)
Red mud composite particles were made up of red-mud (waste of alumina refinery). The particles have been applied as remediation material for metal contaminated soil. Leeks were planted for pot experiments. The promotions of transform, chemical fixation and absorption inhibition of Zn were analyzed. In this research, composite particles relieved the increase(More)
Chloroplast-bound vesicles are key components in viral replication complexes (VRCs) of potyviruses. The potyviral VRCs are induced by the second 6 kDa protein (6K2) and contain at least viral RNA and nuclear inclusion protein b. To date, no chloroplast protein has been identified to interact with 6K2 and involve in potyvirus replication. In this paper, we(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of an anaerobic expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) reactor, to treat high strength yeast wastewater. The EGSB reactor was seeded with granular sludge from the UASB reactor of a full-scale brewery factory. Experiment was done under operational condition of a total superficial up flow velocity(Vup) of(More)
A 3000Nm/h pilot flue gas desulfurization experiment system by ammonia scrubbing was established in a 35t/h circulating fluidized bed (CFB) power plant in Zhejiang Province. Experiment results showed that the desulfurization efficiency was above 90%, and SO2 emission concentration satisfied the environment emission standard of China. Also, the byproduct of(More)
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