Zhi-yong Dai

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this article is to study the effect of goat milk-based formula (GMF) on development in weaned rats. METHODS One hundred Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into five groups: control, 20% cow milk-based formula (CMF), and 5%-GMF, 10%-GMF, and 20%-GMF groups. RESULTS GMF did play an active role in accelerating body and femur(More)
In this paper, a mixed-model assembly system is modeled using ATPN (agent oriented timed Petri net) based on assembly resources classification. Firstly, the basic concepts and definition of ATPN is described. Secondly, with ATPN method introduced into mixed-model system research the modeling of a mixed-model assembly system is discussed. The development of(More)
The modeling of the functional model has been researched by using case-based reasoning (CBR) in conceptual design. On the basis of the describing of the functional model and the coding of the product functionthe functional nodes and the edge have been matched. The functional model which has the most high similarity has been searchedthen the nodes and edges(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the growth and nutritional status of infants fed goat milk-based formula (GMF) and cow milk-based formula (CMF). METHODS The study was conducted in Beijing, China. It was a double-blind randomized controlled trial. A total of 79 infants aged 0-3 months old were recruited and randomized in GMF or CMF group. The infants were fed the(More)
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