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The effects of sennosides (Sen, an extract of Chinese rhubarb) on cellular spontaneous electric activities of guinea pig taenia coli were studied by intracellular microelectrode technique. Sen 0.1-20 mmol.L-1 improved the depolarization of cell membrane, quickened the burst of slow wave potential, and increased notably the frequency of spike potentials. Sen(More)
Experiments have shown that Dachengqi Decoction can inhibit the activity of G-germs which commonly grow in the intestinal tract, inactivate the endotoxin directly in vitro, reduce the amplitude of fever caused by endotoxin injected intravenously, promote the gastric secretion and gastric retaining in rats, and increase the level of glycogen in liver. It(More)
The effects of Dachengqi decoction (DCQ) and Rhubarb (Rb) on spontaneous cellular electrical activities of guinea-pig's taenia coli has been studied by intracellular microelectrode technique. DCQ and Rb could both improve depolarization of cell membrane, speed up the burst of slow wave potential (when drug concentration was 1%, P > 0.05; 10% or 20%, P <(More)
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