Zhi-qiang Zheng

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Inertial measurement unit(IMU), consisted of three mutually-perpendicular Ring Laser Gyros¿RLG¿ and three accelerometers, is an important part of RLG -based strap-down inertial navigation systems(SINS). RLG provides measurement of change in vehicle attitude or its turn rate with respect to inertial space. Accelerometer provides measurement of specific(More)
The gain-scheduling was a good choice for dynamic systems whose operation range were very large, when the dynamic systems were turned into linear parameter varying systems (LPV) through appropriate states transform. The method of designing robust gain-scheduling to LPV system based on polytopic was studied, and a new scheduling strategy was proposed because(More)
In this study, the unilateral and bilateral syrinx nerve (NXIIts) were resected in the red-billed Leiothrix (Leiothrix lutea) to assess the roles of NXIIts in vocalization. Wavesurfer and Sound Analysis Pro were used to analyze pre- and postsurgical acoustic changes. After resecting of unilateral NXIIts, red-billed Leiothrix produced the common calls with(More)
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