Zhi-qiang Han

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OBJECTIVE To study the role of triptorelin in the treatment of patients with endometriosis, adenomyoma and fibromyoma and the effect of an extended-interval dosing regimen. METHODS Seventy patients suffering from endometriosis, adenomyoma and fibromyoma were divided into two groups: extended-interval dosing (group E) and conventional dosing (group C).(More)
PURPOSE To explore the correlation between gingipain K (Kgp) and inflammatory reaction of gum in the process of orthodontic treatment, and analyse the role of Kgp in the development of gingivitis during orthodontic treatment. METHODS Totally 45 orthodontic healthy teenagers were randomly chosen for the study. The subgingival plaques were collected(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the diagnostic performance and safety of percutaneous lung biopsy under computed tomography (CT)-fluoroscopic guidance for ground-glass opacity (GGO) lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-eight patients received core biopsy utilizing an automated cutting needle and were evaluated histologically. RESULTS Five patients had a(More)
s: Purpose: This study aims to evaluate the effect of psychological counseling combined with auricular plaster therapy in treating the elderly patients with anxiety disorders. Methods: 36 elderly patients with anxiety disorders were divided into experimental group and control group at random, with each group including 18 patients. The control group was only(More)
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