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This paper studied the effects of different depth sand burying on the caryopsis germination, seedling emergence and growth of Bromus inermis Leyss., a perennial gramineous grass dominated on Othidag sandy land. The results showed that the maximum burying depth for B. inermis caryopsis germination and seedling emergence was 12 cm and 8 cm, respectively.(More)
A field experiment with successive planting of tomato was conducted to study the effects of adding different amounts of winter wheat straw (2.08 g x kg(-1), 1N; 4.16 g x kg(-1), 2N; and 8.32 g x kg(-1), 4N) to the soil seriously suffered from root knot nematode disease on the soil microbial biomass and protozoa abundance. Adding straw carbon source had(More)
The conventional parameters such as COD and BOD only could represent information about total organic content. Fluorescence spectrum can display organic composition and it is unique for each sample, so it is referred as "fluorescence fingerprint". In the present study transformation of excitation-emission matrix of municipal wastewater with sewage as major(More)
Soil biota represents a major component of the earth's biodiversity and for over 200 years, the microscopy approach was the only way to explore it. In the last decade, the DNA-based technique has been adopted in soil ecology. Due to the rapid development of cutting-edge technology, the field is transitioning from barcoding individuals to metabarcoding(More)
A pilot-scale experiment about the process of "thermal pretreatment at 70°C/thermophilic anaerobic digestion" of waste activated sludge of high solid content (8% -9% ) was conducted. The process employed thermal treatment of 3 days to accelerate the hydrolysis and thermophilic digestion to enhance anaerobic reaction. Thus it was good at organic removal and(More)
Livestock manure is a kind of waste with high organic content and sanitation risk. In order to investigate the impact of thermal treatment on the anaerobic digestion of high-solid-content swine manure, 70 degrees C thermal treatment was conducted to treat raw manure (solid content 27.6%) without any dilution. The results indicated that thermal treatment(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Schizandrin (SCH) has been reported to prevent or reduce learning and memory defects. However, it is not known whether SCH ameliorates cognitive impairments induced by oestrogen deficiency. In the present study, we investigated the effect of SCH on memory in ovariectomized (OVX) and non-OVX rats. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH A passive(More)
Obtusifolin, an anthraquinone from Cassia obtusifolia seeds, has been reported to reduce blood lipid levels in diabetic rats induced by streptozocin. However, it remains unclear whether obtusifolin possesses a lipid-lowering effect on hyperlipidemia caused by a high-fat diet. Moreover, hyperlipidemia is known to impair the endothelial function by causing(More)
The present paper studied fluorescence fingerprint properties of the municipal wastewater with industrial wastewater as major components. There existed three typical fluorescence peaks in the excitation-emission matrix of the municipal wastewater, locating at about lambda(ex)/lambda(em) of 275/310, 230/340 and 220/310 nm respectively. The wastewater didn't(More)
Fluorescence organic matters contain the information about total amount and components of organic substances and could be treated as a novel water quality parameter to make up the ambiguity of COD and BOD about the pollutant composition. Refinery wastewater is a type of nonbiodegradable industrial wastewater containing a large number of toxic pollutants.(More)