Zhi-ming Dong

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The reduced lower temporal arcade of the skull and the movable quadrate are the most distinctive features of squamates. Up to now, no exception has been documented for any fossil or extant squamates. We report here a new fossil lizard that possesses a complete lower temporal arcade and an unmovable quadrate. The anatomical relationships indicate that those(More)
QFD is a customer-oriented approach to product innovation. The weight of customer requirements and engineering measures are important. The mathematical models are critical tools to get the weight. Both the models of other scholars and the writer are introduced in detail. A comprehensive analysis of the models is done. At last, conclusion and prospect are(More)
Non-ideal factors of transmitting signal are known as a kind of restriction to the performance of radar, especially the ability of finding the weak target. In this paper, the performance of MIMO radar in the aspect of weak target detection is researched. Firstly, the theory model of MIMO signal is presented. And then, a simulation system based on orthogonal(More)
In accordance with the specifications for the design of the gas station lighting system, the original lighting system was transformed into the overall solar-powered LED lighting system. The original lighting was replaced by using the same illumination LED lamps. Calculations were made to determine the optimum tilt angle of solar components. Based on the(More)
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