Zhi-jie Li

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So many techniques are used in the software testing environment and in this paper we survey the ABC algorithmic approach and its advantages over the GA (Genetic Algorithms). Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is one of the most recently introduced swarm–based algorithms. These optimization approaches helps in memorization and also support the global(More)
On the basis of analyzing the insufficiency of genetic algorithm in the solution of distribution network reconfiguration, an improved immune genetic algorithm (IIGA) is proposed. The key of IIGA lies in the construction of vaccine pool and the design of immune operator. The vaccine pool can be created and updated automatically, and the immune operator(More)
On the basis of the analysis of canonical genetic algorithm's shortage, a novel genetic algorithm based on dynastic changes mechanism of nation (DCGA) is proposed. In DCGA, populations one by one evolve according to the relay race mode, by which the DCGA holds a mechanism of transferring from a local optimal solution to another better one and finally(More)
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