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Woody hemiepiphytic species (Hs) are important components of tropical rain forests, and they have been hypothesized to differ from non-hemiepiphytic tree species (NHs) in adaptations relating to water relations and carbon economy; but few studies have been conducted comparing ecophysiological traits between the two growth forms especially in an evolutionary(More)
Hemiepiphytic Ficus species (Hs) possess traits of more conservative water use compared with non-hemiepiphytic Ficus species (NHs) even during their terrestrial growth phase, which may result in significant differences in photosynthetic light use between these two growth forms. Stem hydraulic conductivity, leaf gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence were(More)
The multi-piece post-crown technique is more effective in restoring residual root than other restoration techniques. Various types of adhesives have different material properties that affect restoration. Therefore, the choice of adhesive is particularly important for patients. However, the effect of different kinds of adhesives was not too precise by(More)
In the present study, a device of water electrodes was used to get different discharge modes in air and Ar respectively, including stochastic filament mode, hexagon pattern mode and homogeneous diffusion mode. By comparing the waveforms of light emission and current for the three different modes, the relationship between the waveforms of light emission and(More)
In the present paper, stable discharges were respectively obtained in air and helium at atmospheric pressure with a dielectric barrier discharge device consisting of water electrodes. By comparing the discharges in the two gases, it was found that the discharge in air at atmospheric pressure is not uniform and micro-discharges can be discerned which are(More)
The snow surface reflectance spectra with different depth in snowmelt period and snow depth data were measured and its correlation was analyzed. The characteristic absorption band data of the valley with higher correlation were used to establish a single band snow depth regression model. The highest contribution rate of the band was selected as the input(More)
Urumqi River Basin and Juntanghu Basin, located in the northern slope of Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, were selected as typical study areas. With the portable field spectrometer CI700 produced by CID in the United States and from a large number of field investigations and field measurements in the snowmelt period (usually starts in the end of February or(More)
The research on water content of snow has the real meaning of the flow of runoff and flood in Spring. Our team got the original data from ASD and Snow Folk, meanwhile these data were anglicized and handled under the help of SPSS19.0 and Excel. The result shows that there are several valleys for the absorbing in visible and near-infrared region in the curve(More)
In the present paper, stable glow discharges were obtained in air at low pressure with a dielectric barrier surface discharge device. Light emission from the discharge was detected by photomultiplier tubes and the research results show that the light signal exhibited one discharge pulse per half cycle of the applied voltage. The light pulses were asymmetric(More)