Zhi-hua Tang

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AIM To isolate and purify the brain microvessels without intact neural cells used for cloning specific gene at the blood-brain-barrier. METHODS Magnetic beads ranging from 200-500 nm were synthesized and infused into cerebral spheres through carotid arteries. The brain tissues were dissected by mechanic and enzymatic methods, and sieved to discharge(More)
OBJECTIVE The mice surviving acute exposure to low dose of perfluoroisobutylene (PFIB) could tolerant to lethal dose of PFIB. Discovering the gene related with the tolerance would be significant to find preventive agents for PFIB. METHODS By static exposure to PFIB for 3 times, the survival animals could tolerate to lethal dose of PFIB. Three anchoring(More)
Thrombin-like enzyme (TLE) plays a significant role in vessel injury hemostasis. A novel snake venom TLE (Agacutin) was purified from Agkistrodon Acutus snake venom. Structural analysis indicated that Agacutin is a heterodimer that has a MW of 29,402 Da, a pI value of 5.39, and optimum activity at 35 degrees C and pH 7.5. The N-terminal 15 amino acid(More)
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