Zhi-hai Sun

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Subtractive clustering based methods have been well known for data clustering problems. However, Due to the computational demands of these approaches, clustering for large scale datasets such as spatiotemporal data and images have been slow to appear. A novel subtractive clustering method based on NystrÖm approximation is proposed. The contribution(More)
Usually color image quality is estimated using popular quality estimation methods of gray image. There are two ways. One is that we just use gray image quality assessments to the luminance component of color images. The other is chosen estimation is computed in the three components of the specified color space to get three quality scores, mean of the three(More)
Tracking moving objects in dynamic scenarios involves considerable difficulty because of occlusions. We report a novel tracker - a new multiple-step particle filter based feature selection for helicopter tracking. The objective of the proposed system is to track helicopter more efficiently and more precisely under bad environments. Color, edge, and position(More)
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