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In the present paper, the authors introduce two new subclasses C (k) (λ, α) of close-to-convex functions and QC (k) (λ, α) of quasi-convex functions with respect to k-symmetric points. The integral representations and convolution conditions for these classes are provided. Some coefficient inequalities for functions belonging to these classes and their(More)
OBJECTIVE : Several previous studies have reported the role variant of ERCC1 rs3212986 and ERCC2 rs13181 polymorphisms in the risk of glioma, but the results of these studies are inconsistent. Therefore, we aimed to conduct a meta-analysis to investigate the role of ERCC1 rs3212986 and ERCC2 rs13181 on the risk of glioma. METHODS A comprehensive research(More)
Let Q(α, β, γ) denote the class of functions of the form f (z) = z + a 2 z 2 + · · · , which are analytic in the unit disk U = {z : |z| < 1} and satisfy the condition {α(f (z)/z) + βf The extreme points for this class are provided, the coefficient bounds and radius of univalency for functions belonging to this class are also provided. The results presented(More)
In this article, we calculate the axial and the induced pseudoscalar form-factors G A (t = −Q 2) and G P (t = −Q 2) of the nucleons in the framework of the light-cone QCD sum-rules approach up to twist-6 three valence quark light-cone distribution amplitudes, and observe that the form-factors G A (t = −Q 2) and G P (t = −Q 2) at intermediate and large(More)
In this paper, we study the existence of non-collision periodic solutions for third-order singular dynamical systems. We consider the systems where the potential have a repulsive singularity at origin and do not need any kind of strong force condition. The proof is based on a nonlinear alternative principle of Leray-Schauder.
The emphasis in this paper is mainly on the point estimation of unknown parameters for uncertainty distribution. Firstly, principle of least squares and the least squares estimation are introduced. Secondly, by the k-th empirical moments of the expert's experimental data, we establish a method of moments to estimate the unknown parameters for uncertainty(More)
The main object of this paper is to consider the asymptotic distribution of the zeros of certain classes of the Gauss hypergeometric polynomials. Some classical analytic methods and techniques are used here to analyze the behavior of the zeros of the Gauss hypergeometric polynomials, 2 F 1 (−n, a; −n + b; z), where n is a nonnegative integer. Owing to the(More)
As one of the leading logging technologies, Micro-Resistivity Imaging Logging has gone through the most significant development since the 80's of last century. Compared the traditional Electrical Imaging Logging, Micro-Resistivity Imaging Logging technology is much more challenging for large data transmission and complex timing control. In this paper, an(More)