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Chinese indigenous pig breeds are recognized as an invaluable component of the world's pig genetic resources and are divided traditionally into six types. Twenty-six microsatellite markers recommended by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) were employed to analyze the genetic diversity of 18(More)
The vision of the Semantic Web is to build a ‘Web of data’ that enables machines to understand the semantics of information on the Web. The Linked Open Data (LOD) project encourages people and organizations to publish various open data sets as Resource Description Framework (RDF) on the Web, which promotes the development of the Semantic Web. Among various(More)
BACKGROUND A prolonged measles epidemic occurred in Wenzhou City, China after a nationwide measles mass immunization campaign (MMIC) in 2010. We conducted an investigation to identify factors contributing to this epidemic and to provide evidence-based recommendations for measles elimination strategies in China. METHODS Measles was diagnosed using the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether the incidence of common colds among college students in China is associated with ventilation rates and crowdedness in dormitories. METHODS In Phase I of the study, a cross-sectional study, 3712 students living in 1569 dorm rooms in 13 buildings responded to a questionnaire about incidence and duration of common colds in the(More)
The current study aimed to summarise the clinical features and classifications of vertebral artery dissecting aneurysms (VADAs) to optimise strategies for endovascular interventional therapy. The clinical features and results of 31 inpatients with VADA were retrospectively analysed. The aneurysms were classified according to their location and association(More)
To report clinical outcomes of kidney transplantation from pediatric brain and cardiac death donors (DBCD) in a single Chinese center and to investigate its feasibility to expand organ donor pool. 18 recipients, transplanted between August 2011 and October 2013 in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, receive a single graft from DBCD donors(More)
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