Zhi-feng He

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OBJECTIVE To study the formulation and preparation of ampelopsin liposomes and evaluate their quality. METHOD The liposomes were prepared by a film-ultrasonic dispersion technique. Served as quota with the entrapment ratio and appearance and diameter of the liposomes, the optimal formulation and preparation were selected by means of an uniform design(More)
OBJECTIVE To optimize the preparation of ampelopsin from Ampelopsis Cantoniensis Planch. METHODS The extraction and purification process was studied by the uniform design with the extract of ampelopsin content and purity as markers. The facters which influence the extraction and the purification of ampelopsin content were studied by uniform design. (More)
Synthesis of carbon nitride has been an important topic in materials science since 1993. Ion-assisted pulsed laser deposition is proven to be a good method to deposit carbon nitride thin films. Both amorphous and crystal -C3N4 layers can be deposited on many substrates. A standard experimental set-up comprises a pulsed KrF excimer laser (wavelength 248 nm,(More)
In this paper, a microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) method was established for aristolochic acid-I from Aristolochiae Fructus, and the advantage of MAE was evaluated by chromatographic analysis coupled with nephrotoxicity studies. The experimental parameters of MAE for aristolochic acid-I in Aristolochiae Fructus were investigated and MAE was compared with(More)
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