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Leaf carbon isotope ratios and leaf mineral composition (Ca, K, Mg, Mn, N, and P) were measured on the dominant species along an irradiance cline in a subtropical monsoon forest of southern China. This irradiance cline resulted from disturbance caused by fuel-harvesting. Leaf carbon isotope ratios increased from undisturbed to disturbed sites for all(More)
Carbon isotope ratios were used to survey the distribution of photosynthetic pathways among taxa, the relationship between photosynthetic pathway and habitat light levels, and the relationship between intercellular CO2 levels of C3 plants and habitat light levels within a subtropical monsoon forest in southern China. Of 128 species, most (94) possessed the(More)
A lattice Boltzmann method for simulating the viscous flow in large distensible blood vessels is presented by introducing a boundary condition for elastic and moving boundaries. The mass conservation for the boundary condition is tested in detail. The viscous flow in elastic vessels is simulated with a pressure-radius relationship similar to that of the(More)
The technique of lattice Boltzmann simulation has been applied to the study of two-dimensional particle suspensions through a modeled arterial stenosis. The stenosis model consists of two-side symmetric semicirculars in a planar channel with the width of the stenosis throat larger than d and less than 2d, where d is the diameter of the particles. When only(More)
Previous research has focused on the involvement of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cell wall loosening and cell extension in plant vegetative growth, but few studies have investigated ROS functions specifically in plant reproductive organs. In this study, ROS levels and antioxidant enzyme activities were assessed in Pisum sativum and Brassica chinensis(More)
The current study evaluated the toxicity of three heavy metals to aerial roots of the Chinese banyan (Ficus microcarpa), which is a tree species native to China. In a laboratory experiment, segments of aerial roots cut from trees were treated with 0, 25, 50, 100, and 200 μM of lead, cadmium, or copper (Cu). The contents of these heavy metals in cells(More)
Alocasia macrorrhiza is a fast growing and propagating herbaceous species commonly found in South China. To determine its physiological responses to Pb and Cd stresses, the biochemical, histochemical and cytochemical changes under PbAC2 and CdCl2 phytotoxicity were detected using leaf discs as an experimental model. After leaf discs were infiltrated in(More)
Although previous research has indicated that reactive oxygen species (ROS) regulate cell extension and tissue ontogenesis, the functions of ROS in aerial roots have not been previously studied. This research evaluated ROS production and dissipation in aerial roots of Chinese banyan (Ficus microcarpa). Aerial root segments (4 cm long) were cut from trees(More)
The effects of long-term (33 months) sun/shade acclimation and short-term (within 10 h) HSO(3) (-) treatment on leaf photosynthetic apparatus were investigated in three subtropical forest plants, Pinus massoniana, Schima superba, and Acmena acuminatissima. After 33 months' growth in two light environments (100 and 12% sunlight), rapid light curves (RLC),(More)
We present an experimental demonstration of self-guiding electromagnetic edge states existing along the zigzag edge of a honeycomb magnetic photonic crystal. These edge states are shown to possess unidirectional propagation characteristics that are robust against various types of defects and obstacles. In particular, they allow for the unidirectional(More)