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BACKGROUND A satisfied glaucoma model is absent now. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of a combination of intracameral injection of silicone oil and electrocoagulation of corneal limbal vessels and episcleral veins in the rats to establish glaucoma model. METHODS Operation was performed in each of the left eyes of 90 adult male rats. Right(More)
With the development of electronic commerce, marketing from the concept, the model to the methods produced some new changes. Because the enterprises face increasingly complex market, their requirements under the e-commerce environment will increase. This article, mainly from the product, price, place, promotion strategy in four aspects, combined with(More)
The ionic mechanism of change in short-term memory (STM) during acute myocardial ischemia has not been well understood. In this paper, an advanced guinea pig ventricular model developed by Luo and Rudy was used to investigate STM property of ischemic ventricular myocardium. STM response was calculated by testing the time to reach steady-state action(More)
In the era of information, the development and application of network technology has changed the distribution of information and acceptance approach, changed the way people live, work, study and cooperate. Enterprises must actively make use of new technology to change business ideas, business methods and management methods, and promote the rapid development(More)
Organizational learning and innovation are the most critical intangible assets that a firm needs to acquire and exploit to achieve superior organizational performance. In this research we propose a model seeking to understand the links between organizational learning, innovation and performance. A structural equation model and data from 325 top executives(More)
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