Zhi-Zheng Feng

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A differential gain-dependent phase shift between the core mode and the cladding mode can be all-optically tuned by a cw 975 nm pump light for Mach-Zehnder interferometers using two abrupt fiber tapers in a 1.2-cm-long highly Er/Yb codoped fiber. The highly doped fiber has large absorption and emission cross sections to efficiently introduce the phase shift(More)
We demonstrate miniature Mach-Zehnder-interferometer with a device length of 179.5 &#x03BC;m using two micro-abrupt-tapers in a cladding-depressed strongly-guiding fiber. The index variation of 2&#x00D7;10<sup>&#x2212;3</sup> from a 6.3 picoliter optical liquid can cause 1.6 nm wavelength-shift.
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