Zhi-Zhen Ye

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We report the observation of remarkable photoinduced stiffening in a single ZnO nanobelt using nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy. The apparent elastic modulus of a ZnO nanobelt under illumination with a photon energy greater than the band gap becomes much larger than that under darkness. The physical mechanism for the observed phenomena is(More)
Ultrafine ZnO nanocrystals with a thickness down to 0.25 nm are grown by a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition method. Electronic band structures and native point defects of ZnO nanocrystals are studied by a combination of scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy and first-principles density functional theory calculations. Below a critical thickness of(More)
Co-rich ZnCoO nanoparticles embedded in wurtzite Zn0.7Co0.3O thin films are grown by pulsed laser deposition on a Si substrate. Local superconductivity with an onset Tc at 5.9 K is demonstrated in the hybrid system. The unexpected superconductivity probably results from Co3+ in the Co-rich ZnCoO nanoparticles or from the interface between the Co-rich(More)
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