Zhi-Yuan Zheng

Yi-Yuan Ge1
Zi-Li Zhang1
Jine Yang1
Chunxian Zeng1
Hui-Ying Hao1
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We found that restoration of miR-100 expression resulted in accumulation of LC3B-II and decrease of p62 in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells, whereas antagonism of miR-100 reduced the level of LC3B-II. Moreover, a significant correlation between miR-100 downregulation and p62 upregulation was observed in human HCC tissues, suggesting an(More)
In this paper, controllable synthesis of various ZnO nanostructures was achieved via a simple and cost-effective hydrothermal process on the Si substrate. The morphology evolution of the ZnO nanostructures was well monitored by tuning hydrothermal growth parameters, such as the seed layer, solution concentration, reaction temperature, and surfactant. X-ray(More)
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