Zhi-Yuan Wan

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Male sterility in angiosperms has wide applications in agriculture, particularly in hybrid crop breeding and gene flow control. Microspores develop adjacent to the tapetum, a layer of cells that provides nutrients for pollen development and materials for pollen wall formation. Proper pollen development requires programmed cell death (PCD) of the tapetum,(More)
A container is a group of processes isolated from other groups via distinct kernel namespaces and resource allocation quota. Attacks against containers often leverage kernel exploits through system call interface. In this paper, we present an approach that mines sandboxes for containers. We first explore the behaviors of a container by leveraging automatic(More)
Security has always been a popular and critical topic. With the rapid development of information technology, it is always attracting people’s attention. However, since security has a long history, it covers a wide range of topics which change a lot, from classic cryptography to recently popular mobile security. There is a need to investigate(More)
Bugs severely hurt blockchain system dependability. A thorough understanding of blockchain bug characteristics is required to design effective tools for preventing, detecting and mitigating bugs. We perform an empirical study on bug characteristics in eight representative open source blockchain systems. First, we manually examine 1,108 bug reports to(More)
Polar growth of root hairs is critical for plant survival and requires fine-tuned Rho of plants (ROP) signaling. Multiple ROP regulators participate in root hair growth. However, protein S-acyl transferases (PATs), mediating the S-acylation and membrane partitioning of ROPs, are yet to be found. Using a reverse genetic approach, combining fluorescence(More)
Protein S-acyl transferases (PATs) play critical roles in plant developmental and environmental responses by catalyzing S-acylation of substrate proteins, most of which are involved in cellular signaling. However, only few plant PATs have been functionally characterized. We recently demonstrated that Arabidopsis PAT4 mediates root hair elongation by(More)
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