Zhi-Yuan Chen

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To satisfy high-performance computing demand in modern embedded devices, current embedded processor architectures provide designer with possibility either to define customized instruction set extension (ISE) or to increase instruction issue width. Previous studies have shown that deploying ISE in multiple-issue architecture can significantly improve(More)
PURPOSE To review clinical characteristics of pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) in China. METHODS Electronic medical records (EMR) of four Chinese institutes were queried for patients with histologically proven PVNS between January 2005 and February 2014. Their data were collected including gender, age at diagnosis, clinical presentation, affected(More)
PURPOSE To establish a rabbit model for keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) to study autologous submandibular gland transfer for treating severe KCS. METHODS In 2 groups of 10 rabbits, left eyes were operated and right eyes were controls. In the trichloroacetic acid-treated group, the lacrimal and harderian glands and nictitating membrane were removed(More)
The spectral analysis is combined with digital filter to process the vortex sensor signal for reducing the effect of disturbance at low frequency from pipe vibrations and increasing the turndown ratio. Using digital signal processing chip, two kinds of digital signal processing systems are developed to implement these algorithms. One is an integrative(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the effect of eye reconstruction with free flap. METHODS Free flap was used in 21 patients of contracted eye socket and anophthalmos. The forearm free flap was utilized in 19 patients,the scapular flap in 2. Free flap with microvascular anastomoses was transferred into contracted eye socket. And hydroxyapatite implant was selectively(More)