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BACKGROUND Aplastic anemia (AA) is characterized by pancytopenia and bone marrow hypoplasia, which results from immune-mediated hematopoiesis suppression. Understanding the pathophysiology of the immune system, particularly T cells immunity, has led to improved AA treatment over the past decades. However, primary and secondary failure after(More)
With the rapid development of network, the application of wireless network is used more and more widely. This paper introduces the network architecture and characteristics of Mesh, and the differences between traditional wireless network, and then according to practical construction situation of wireless network in Zhejiang Gongshang University, describes(More)
The non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) algorithm is a classical matrix factorization and dimension reduction method in machine learning and data mining. However, in real problems, we always have to run the algorithm for several times and use the best matrix factorization result as the final output because of the random initialization of the matrix(More)
—With the explosive growth of smart devices and mobile data traffic, limited fronthaul capacity has become a notable bottleneck of green communication access networks, such as cloud radio access networks(C-RANs). In this paper, we proposed a joint user association and downlink beamforming scheme for green C-RANs to minimize the network power consumption(More)
This paper theoretically explores how exchange rate pass-through depends on firm heterogeneity in productivity and product differentiation in quality. Using an extended version of the Melitz and Ottaviano (2008) model, I show that exporting firms absorb exchange rate changes by adjusting both their markups and product quality, which leads to an incomplete(More)
—Cloud radio access network (Cloud-RAN) is expected to be a promising architecture for next generation access network. In this architecture, the functionalities of conventional Baseband Units (BBUs) are shifted to a BBU pool by using cloud computing technology, which enables coordinated multipoint transmission through the low-cost low-power remote radio(More)
When evaluating the accessibility of a large website, we rely on sampling methods to reduce the cost of evaluation. This may lead to a biased evaluation when the distribution of checkpoint violations in a website is skewed and the selected samples do not provide a good representation of the entire website. To improve sampling quality, stratified sampling(More)