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This study proposed a new object feature extraction method that employs the quadtree decomposition. In the proposed method, we segmented the image into variable sized blocks, named homogeneous blocks, which are the units of feature extraction process. Because the quadtree decomposition can highlight the details of images, more feature information can be(More)
Due to the increasing demand for local wireless transmissions from proximity-based social or local-content sharing applications, direct communication between user equipment (UE), known as device-to-device (D2D) communication, is regarded as a key technology component in LTE-Advanced. Taking the advantages of short transmission distance, D2D transmission(More)
The purpose of the present work was to develop a novel, long-acting and potent human serum albumin/granulocyte colony stimulating factor (HSA/G-CSF) therapeutic fusion protein. The novel fusion protein, called HMG, was constructed by genetically fusing mutated human derived G-CSF (mG-CSF) to the C-terminal of HSA and then prepared in Pichia pastoris. The(More)
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