Zhi-Yong Yuan

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A novel approach is proposed in this paper for automatic forest fire detection from video. Based on 3D point cloud of the collected sample fire pixels, Gaussian mixture model is built and helps segment some possible flame regions in single image. Then the new specific flame pattern is defined for forest, and three types of fire colors are labeled(More)
The medical training systems based on virtual simulation are highly desired since minimally invasive surgical techniques have become popular to patients. The training system helps surgeon trainees to acquire, practice and evaluate their surgical skills, and the key component of such a system is to simulate the dynamic procedure such as 3D biological tissue(More)
A novel and effective approach is proposed in this paper to detect smoke using transmission from image or video frame. Inspired by the airlight-albedo ambiguity model, we introduce the concept of transmission as a new essential feature of smoke, which is employed to detect the smoke and also determine its corresponding thickness distribution. First, we(More)
—RBF based surface reconstruction from the unorganized three dimensional point cloud provides good implicit representation of 3D object's shapes, but it has the disadvantage of time consuming. Considering the fact that not the whole surface but only a part of it needs to be recovered in many applications, the method for constrained surface recovery using(More)
Video synopsis provides a means for fast browsing of activities in video. Principal background selection (PBS) is an important step in video synopsis. Existing methods make PBS in an offline way and at a high memory cost. In this paper we propose a novel background selection method, " online principal background selection " (OPBS). The OPBS selects n(More)
A novel region growing algorithm is proposed for triangular mesh recovery from scattered 3D points. In our method, the new principle is used to determine the seed triangle considering both maximum angle and minimum length; the open influence region is defined for the active edge under processing; positional element is added into the criterion to choose the(More)
Study and practice of medical virtual acupuncture training simulation system has great significance and practical application value on accurate positioning of human acupuncture points, simulation of acupuncture treatment, evaluation of the acupuncturists' skill, and reduction of acupuncturists' mistake. By using mathematical physical modeling, we propose a(More)