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The response of the Asian gypsy moth Lymantria dispar (L.) (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) to a fusion gene consisting of the spider, Atrax robustus Simon (Araneae: Hexanthelidae) ω-ACTX-Ar1 sequence coding for an ω-atracotoxin and a sequence coding for the Bt-toxin C-peptide, expressed in transgenic poplar Populus simonii x P. nigra L. (Malphigiales:(More)
The glomerular organization of the primary olfactory brain center, the antennal lobe, was studied in males and females of Holotrichia diomphalia adults using serial histological sections labeled by the reduced silver-stain technique. The results revealed an apparent sexual dimorphism. Whereas an enlarged cap-shaped glomerulus was found at the antennal nerve(More)
Thread level speculation provides not only a simple parallel programming model, but also an effective mechanism for thread-level parallelism exploitation. The performance of software speculative parallel models is limited by high global overheads caused by different types of loops. These loops usually have different characteristics of dependencies and(More)
This study investigated the toxic effects of 12 substituted benzenes exposed to Propsilocerus akamusi larvae singly and as mixtures. Their toxicities were quantified in terms of median effective concentration (EC50) killing 50% of the larvae. For individual substituted benzenes to 4th-instar P. akamusi larvae, the toxicity was in decreasing order of(More)
Abstract Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti) is a suitable agent for controlling Chironomus kiiensis, a major pest polluting water. In this study, laboratory bioassays were used to study toxicity and affecting factors of Bti on C. kiiensis larvae. Tests were conducted using three commercial Bti formulations (oil miscible suspension, 1,200 ITU/mL;(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of donepezil for post-stroke aphasia. METHODS Sixty patients with acute post-stroke aphasia were divided into treatment group and a control group. All patients had been treated for secondary prevention according to the guideline. The treatment group received donepezil hydrochloride (5 mg/d) for 12 weeks. The efficacy of(More)
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