Zhi-Yin Lee

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In this paper, comparison on wall-plug efficiency for the infrared (IR) emitter, warm-white LED and multi-chips LED has been studied. The main objective of this work is to provide a specific reference on wall-plug efficiency between various types of LED. Optical measurement is carried out at constant current of 1.0A under ambient temperature of 26.0(More)
This paper is about the optical studies on two types of warm-white light emitting diode (LED) packages (ceramic and pre-molded package) at the influences of biasing current. Spectroradiometer measurement set and application software were adopted in this study. Experiments were carried out with increasing biasing current from 300mA to 700mA, in 100mA steps,(More)
Generally, the effect of thermal interface material on thermal behavior of system-level light-emitting diode was presented. Application of thermal tape and thermal paste were selected to be applied on the contacting surfaces between package and heat sink. Thermal Transient Tester and T3Ster-Master software were adopted for thermal transient recording and(More)
This paper deals with the simultaneous study of thermal and optical behaviors of light-emitting diode (LED) through various measuring conditions. The conditions such as different types of thermal interface materials (TIMs) and increases of driving current have been selected for detailed investigation. The results revealed that the measuring conditions led(More)
Study on thermal behaviour for a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) package under different ambient temperatures was presented in this paper. Thermal transient measurements were carried out by using the Thermal Transient Tester (T3Ster) at each ambient temperature of 30°C, 50°C, 70°C, and 90°C T3Ster-Master evaluation software was(More)
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