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In the motion estimation of H.264, the best matching blocks and the best prediction modes are chosen by Lagrange cost function whose distortion metric is the sum of absolute (transformed) differences [SA(T)D] which has similar meaning with MSE or PSNR. Recently a new image measurement called structural similarity (SSIM) based on the degradation of(More)
Rate-distortion optimization (RDO), in which distortion metric plays a vital role, has been proved to be an effective way in hybrid video coding. This paper proposes an improved rate-distortion optimization method based on SSIM (IRDO-SSIM) in RDO mode selection process. And the derivation of the proper multiplier to fit for the IRDO-SSIM is mainly described(More)
Rate-distortion optimization is the key technique in video coding standards to efficiently determine a set of coding parameters. In the R-D optimization for H.264 I-frame encoder, the distortion (D) is measured as the sum of the squared differences (SSD) between the reconstructed and the original blocks, which is same as MSE. Recently, a new image(More)
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